The Wedding

Inspired by a friend I decided to have a go at writing short stories. Madison Woods came up with a brilliant idea where writers from all over the net can contribute to the so-called Friday Fictioneers. The Friday Fictioneers write short stories of about a hundred words inspired by a photo, posted by Madison, each Friday. Maybe I'll join so comments are welcome.

"The Wedding"

No-one seemed keen on asking him who he was and why he was there. The look on his face wasn't exactly the inviting kind and the fact that he was shoeless didn't help. Some of the guests were pointing and talking about him but words meant nothing to him. Rarely had anyone said anything interesting. The security men who tried to stop him at the back door hadn't. Surely, every now and then there was a self proclaimed hero on these events who insisted to know who he was. He hated it when they asked him the obvious. They all knew who he was. Or rather, what he was. For the sake of their own sanity they all just pretended not to know.

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